Marianne Restaurant

London, England

Cumberland delivers exceptional high standard to one of the most intimate and elegant restaurants known to London’s exclusive Chepstow Road.

The surroundings of Chepstow Road brings synergy to the exclusivity and high expectations of our clients design. The attention to detail was paramount to the success of this project and the delivery conduct admirable of the Cumberland team through the program term. The project encompassed the complete refurbishment of the existing space which included alterations throughout, including that of electrical and mechanical upgrades, stripping out of existing walling, flooring, kitchen & joinery, internally and externally decorations, electrical and mechanical alterations, 3 phase power upgrade, installation of new flooring, joinery, new signage, a new shop front.

All joinery items were produced in house by Cumberland skilled workforce, who worked tirelessly with the client to achieve the right interpretation of the architects drawings. Cumberland received great praise and thanks for our conduct and seamless delivery throughout this uniquely elegant and timeless project.

Marianne Restaurant

4 weeks