As the working world returns to the office, interiors are more important than ever before. Your office fit-out and aesthetics can affect everything, from the way that staff feel about being in an office space to the experiences that they have when they’re in it. If you’re in the process of a refit these are our top 10 office fit-out concepts to consider right now.

  1. Open space – It’s been a leading concept for office fit-outs for some time and has received even more of a boost as a result of COVID-19. The open design creates flexibility and can allow for more agility within the space. It tends to enable greater airflow and has also been found to be crucial for collaboration and communication too.
  2. Sustainability – If you’re looking to engage with sustainability as an office fit-out concept, then it’s all about choosing materials that can be ethically and sustainably sourced. Look to refit by integrating more renewable energy sources and organic products.
  3. Agile working – The driving force behind the agile concept is defined by zones that can be adjusted to make the entire space more flexible and dynamic.
  4. Comfort and ergonomics – Staff wellbeing is at the heart of many office fit-outs and the comfort and ergonomics concept has a lot to contribute to this. Ergonomic furniture makes the impact of sitting all day easier for the human body to handle and environments that are designed with this concept in mind can be more comfortable and productive spaces.
  5. Industrial design – Many offices today are in converted buildings which is where the industrial concept has gathered strength. Exposed materials and raw brickwork are a common theme and large windows are the norm. The key is to achieve a balance between comfort, function, and style.
  6. Community zones – As we return to work after periods of home working, we all want more interaction. The community concept puts this at the heart of fit-out design with spaces that evoke a sense of belonging and facilitate communication and collaboration.
  7. Bringing the outside in – Human beings respond well to nature, whether that’s outdoors or inside, which is why this is such a popular office fit-out theme right now. This could be something as simple as adding plants to your office space or something like a vertical garden wall. Some of the benefits of this include the cleaning effect that plants have on interior air.
  8. Entertainment and fun – Leisure zones are increasingly driving fit-out designs because they can create more positive environments in which staff feel able to relax and engage when not working. This could mean game rooms or just a much more colourful and upbeat design scheme.
  9. Flexible furniture – In keeping with the need for more flexibility and agility in office spaces, another popular fit-out concept is moveable furniture, especially modular pieces. The simplest way to achieve this is with furniture on wheels that can be shifted around to accommodate the need for change as it arises.
  10. Home from home – Cozy comfort is the driving force behind this concept, which may also make it easier to integrate the switch between home and office working for many.

If you are looking for insight on how to construct the perfect office fit-out at the highest quality, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists here at Cumberland Group.