Restaurant aesthetic has a key role to play in the experience that customers have with you. If you want to enhance this then there are some very simple ways to do it – here are our top 10 tips.

  1. Construct your interiors for your target audience. A very classic formal environment may not appeal to younger people, for example, so if that’s the customer you’re trying to reach make sure your decor is aligned with it.
  2. Make the entrance to your restaurant memorable. Not only is a memorable entrance a great way to attract passing trade but it’s also an opportunity to let your customers know what you’re really about. From signage to flowers, there’s a lot you can do to make sure your entrance stands out.
  3. Give yourself seating options. You don’t know what kind of group combinations are going to come through the door so it’s important to have flexible seating options. Do you have room for big groups as well as a space where someone eating alone would be comfortable? How will you accommodate couples and family tables?
  4. Get the basics right. Make sure your restaurant allows for ventilation that will ensure that the space isn’t flooded with smoke or overpowering smells from the kitchen.
  5. Lighting. As long as you have enough light that people can see their food that’s all you need, right? Wrong. Lighting can create ambiance, comfort, calm and even an appetite if you get it right, so it’s worth spending some time on.
  6. Choose your colour scheme carefully. Clean, bright white walls can make a space feel open and bright while darker shades or harsher colours can make people feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic. Avoid any colours that might make customers feel slightly nauseous (e.g. a sickly green) for obvious reasons.
  7. Use music carefully. Many restaurants today use music to create atmosphere, but you should be careful about what you want your customers to hear when they’re dining with you. Some people believe classical music aids digestion and therefore makes for a better background sound, whereas others swear rock music will make people eat and drink more. Choose music that suits the theme and tone of your business.
  8. Make the layout of your space feel intuitive. Your restaurant should feel comfortable to move around in and make sense to customers. Walk the visual path your customers will take and see how it feels to be in the space.
  9. Don’t neglect your bathrooms. If you’ve spent a huge amount of money on the restaurant, but the bathrooms are small and shabby, then this will significantly impact the impression that the customer takes away of your brand.
  10. Consider an open kitchen. Many customers find it fascinating to be able to watch the chefs at work and so this can become a real asset to your business.

If you’re looking to improve customer experience at your restaurant these top tips can help you to get it right.

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