The beauty industry has changed radically in recent years. Shifts and trends towards more inclusive beauty standards, sustainable products and the need to embrace mobile and social media have changed the face of the industry. This has inevitably had an impact on beauty retail store layouts and in many ways the blueprints that previously existed for this are now being completely rewritten.

Change is something the beauty industry can embrace

Some of the most successful beauty brands are those that constantly evolving and challenging the norm, especially when it comes to retail spaces. Those that are the most engaged with their audiences are already talking to customers, finding out what they want, what they feel is missing from the brand experience and how they want to shop for beauty products. These are some of the key influences that are pushing beauty store appearances to new levels today:

  • Wellness. From Hygge to veganism and a focus on better mental health the wellness trend has well and truly embedded in the beauty sector. While there remains a focus on aesthetics and how we look, to ourselves and others, this has shifted to integrate the idea that if we feel good we look good. Wellness today is personal, social and economic and brands can’t simply embrace a single aspect of it. This has led to retail spaces that need fitting out to be relaxing, which incorporate both the glamorous and the wholesome and where personalisation is being employed to deliver an individual experience.
  • Ease. Buying online has become a frictionless experience with easy browsing and multiple, fast options available for delivery, from a couple of days to a few hours. This is something that retailers in the beauty space are looking to replicate, especially when it comes to in-store experience. Integrating mobile has a part to play here, such as virtual shopping baskets and being able to buy direct from social media. Stores that are set up to offer a frictionless experience when it comes to beauty appointments make it simpler and less time consuming to access beauty services. Creating experiential moments is key, not just to distinguish a brand from competitors but from the online buying experience too.
  • Acknowledging that consumer profiles are changing. There are many more different ‘types’ of consumers today and it’s crucial that their needs and wants are reflected in store spaces. For example, some customers are seekers who are looking for the ultimate beauty products, will spend hours researching choices and so need a lot of information, and will rely on the opinions of others. Beauty fanatic customers, on the other hand, just want to try and test and experiment and benefit most from store experiences that are a beauty playground. Tapping into the entirety of the market means creating a space that welcomes each customer type.

The beauty store experience is being rewritten today, not just by global trends but also the expectations that customers have of the brands they buy from and the spaces in which they want to shop.

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