Since our formation in 1977 Cumberland have always manufactured joinery in house and with an ever-increasing demand we have purchased a new CNC Machine.

“All-in-one” technology

This highly modular machining centre provides answers to all the problems associated with woodworking and with advanced materials processing. Just a few clicks to design and manufacture pieces of any shape, the machine is run by the Suite Maestro which has specific modules for every production cycle. Unique on the market in having an unrivalled price-performance ratio, it can be configured according to the customer’s needs and investment plan.


Our skilled machinists now have access to the work table from all sides of the machine.

Faster than Anyone Else:

This new machine provides us with 60% time saving in drilling cycles and no downtimes for setup operations

Superior Quality:

• Unmatched finishing
• 5-axis direct-driven spindle head which ensures the total absence of vibrations even with huge material removal at high speed.
• High-performance drilling heads

Endless Machining Types:

The machine can cope with all types of materials: from wood to plastic, from panel to the single element, from a kitchen door to a window, the configured solution for all our needs.

Our exceptionally trained machinists and joiners provide a unique, highly skilled and guaranteed service with an emphasis on attention to detail to our valued client base.